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Hershey’s Eliminating GMO Sugar Beets

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Hershey’s Dumping GMO Sugar Beets

After decades of use, Hershey’s has stopped using beet sugar because it comes from genetically modified (GM)  beets.

In fact, the chocolate giant is moving towards using completely natural ingredients and away from artificial ones, as more consumers walk away from GMOs and the harmful effects they can have on our health.

Though our website is largely dedicated to sugar-free or reduced sugar lifestyles, it’s great to hear that a large corporation like Hershey’s is getting on-board and ridding its products of GMOs.

What’s wonderful is that they are making a strong effort to actually listen to their consumers and the growing desire by many to buy GMO free products. It’s said that big giants such as Campbell foods and General Mills are also moving towards non-GMO ingredients, which is great news!

GMOs are harmful to the environment and humans, and should really be avoided whenever possible. Not only are these crops modified from their natural state, they’re also covered in dangerous levels of herbicides like glyphosate, which is Monsanto’s Roundup chemical they’re made to withstand.

More half of the sugar in the U.S. comes from beets, almost all of which is from GMO beets that are genetically modified to withstand huge amounts of glyphosate pesticides.

Hershey’s communications director stated:

“More than three-quarters of the sugar we are using today is cane sugar – and as we get into 2016, our expectation is to be at or near 100 percent.”

The beloved Hershey’s kiss .  Source


This and so many other reasons make me very happy to learn that a giant of the food industry has decided to take a stand and resist using GMOs. This makes their products not only safer overall for people and the environment, but healthier alternatives to others that are on the market.

Thanks to the Star Tribune for sharing this news and photos, and check out the full Hershey’s Dumping GM Beets story here.

Let us know what you think of GMO ingredients in your food and leave a comment below.


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