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Target Going Organic, Guess What They’re Pulling Off Shelves

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Target Stores Going Organic, Pulling

Processed Foods off Shelves


Great news for consumers and healthy food fanatics! In an answer to more consumer demand for healthier food options, Target stores are making the move towards more organic food options, and putting less emphasis on unhealthy processed choices. This is a major move for such a huge company. Hopefully it’s one that helps even more people become aware of the need to decrease processed foods in our diets.

Brian Cornell, who was hired as the new CEO two years ago (2014), is attempting to increase sales by promoting a more health conscious array of food in their stores. This is mainly because consumers are becoming more savvy in their food purchases as organic foods have grown more and more popular.

Target will still carry the usual processed foods, but healthier, organic choices will be more prominent than before. They’re attempting to have a healthier variety in their product line, and are giving less support to processed, packaged choices filled with sugary, and unhealthy ingredients.


Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 10.43.42 PM

More and more consumers are opting for organic food choices.    Source


From WSJ:

Bottom line: Target said it wants to do less with Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Corn Flakes and more with granola and yogurt. Canned soup, a category facing a long decline, will be de-emphasized. The processed foods sold by Kraft Foods Group Inc. and others will move down the totem pole, while fancy sauces and oils will move up, the people said.

Shoppers have long been shifting to fresh and healthy-sounding foods at the expense of canned and bagged goods in the aging center of the supermarket. But the move by Target’s new chief executive, Brian Cornell, who runs one of the 10 largest grocery businesses in the U.S., is among the starkest signals yet that the changing tastes of American consumers will leave some big brands in the lurch.

Hopefully this is a sign of more good things to come from other big box stores. The more consumers speak up about the choices they want in stores, the more manufacturers and stores like Target will listen; hopefully with more positive changes in our food culture to follow.

Similar changes recently, like the fast food chain Chipotle moving towards all non-GMO ingredients in their food, are all signs of this growing change in consumer tastes.

This is all good news not just for people’s health but for the environment as well!

Thanks to and Wall Street Journal for the Target story.


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